Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome letter

                                                                 Physical Education Welcome Letter                                      
                                                                          Malletts Bay School
                                         2017 – 2018
Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian (s):

Welcome to the Malletts Bay School Community! My name is Elizabeth Eastman I am your child’s physical educator for the upcoming school year.  I had a great summer and I am ready to start the school year with some fun and exciting activities. I would like to mention that we have a brand new gym floor and with your help I want to make sure that the floor stays safe and clean so during the winter months and boot season please send an extra pair of safe footwear for your child to change into. Thank you.
Here is some helpful PE information:
·         Physical Education is offered twice a week for forty-five minutes per class.  Please check with your classroom teacher or go to my blog ( to see which days your child has PE.
·         Please feel free to visit my school blog to see what is going on in the gymnasium and to view all other PE related information.
·         Safe footwear is…
Ø  Sneakers or shoes with rubber soles
Ø  Laces must be tied
Ø  Entire foot covered (No open toes or heels)
Ø  Stays on
Ø  No Keens, Boots or Dress shoes
·         Students must wear loose fitting clothes…
Ø  Skirts and dresses must have shorts or leggings underneath
·         Students with an illness or injury are allowed two excused absences from P.E. with a parent note that is approved and signed by the nurse.  Any illness or injury with more than two absences for the same illness or injury requires a note from the doctor which is then approved by the school nurse.
·         Water bottles are great and I encourage students to bring one.
·         PE will be outside until the end of October.  Please help your child be prepared for the colder weather.
·         Parents are welcome to attend and/or participate in any PE classes.  If you would like to join a class please call ahead to let me know.  Malletts Bay does require a background check from all volunteers before helping out in the class.  When you arrive we would like you to sign in at the main office. I would love the help and you do not need experience to join.
·         At the end of the PE class each student has earned a grade.  Your child/ren will give input to me as to which grade they think they earned based on class goals. 
The grading system:
·         E = Exceeds expectations
·         M = Meets expectations
·         WT = Working Towards expectations
·         NI = Needs improvement

I look forward to a fun and energetic school year,

                        Elizabeth Eastman 

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